The Minster Building has an established status that is well connected to the surrounding community. It has redefined itself and innovatively embraced the modern business way of life.

Having undergone a significant repositioning, this will see it become the new lifestyle destination for a thriving business populace.

A Place To Meet

This superior office building features an abundance of space to entertain clients, hold meetings, grab a coffee or have some rejuvenating time-out of the office. It provides an environment that is productive, soothing and distraction-free, alongside a buzzy, professional ambience.

A Sense Of Arrival

On entering The Minster Building you are immediately welcomed by the stunning atrium with its wealth of natural light and space. Its dynamic design attributes include state of the art technology and carefully planned relaxation spaces to provide its inhabitants with ultimate comfort and modern wellbeing.

Dual Entrances

The northern entrance is available to an occupier wishing to preserve a sense of ownership. The tenant can benefit from the central location, the copious amenities and connection to the Lloyd’s of London and Insurance community.


One of The Minster Buildings’ unique selling points is its generous offering of natural light. With a 21 metre wide glass-topped atrium, providing it’s tenants an uplifting place of work. This, alongside carefully developed, internal lighting, can ensure high levels of energy, mood and productivity.

Open for Business

Establishing a modern lifestyle and promoting a healthy business environment, The Minster Building is aimed at those seeking fluidity in their working day. This vibrant and thriving corporate community gets the best out of its people by providing them with a superior establishment that nurtures success and fulfillment.